Inspired by community determination to rebuild Luna Classic


Original LUNC designs inspired by the Community

About Luna Classic Shop

Our mission is growing Luna Classic exposure and adoption through marketing and educating the Luna Classic community. The merchandise shop was a natural evolution of our marketing, intending to let the world know about Luna Classic and providing the Luna Classic community merchandise that allows them to demonstrate their passion for Luna Classic. 100% of merchandise profits will support Luna Classic funding project development and LUNC burns.

We know what lives in the hearts of the Luna Classic Community because we feel it too. We hope you like our designs and trust they will be worn with pride.

About the Luna Classic Community

We are a team of volunteers and Luna Classic holders who have been, and will continue to be, of service to  the Luna Classic community. We were gripped by the Luna Classic crash and it stirred a determination within us to revive something which went terribly wrong.

Our mission has been putting Luna Classic in the limelight through marketing and educating the luna classic community through offering various platforms of support and connection. We are confident that we will set an example of what is possble when a community unites and contributes to serve the whole.


Stay tuned for the launch of our Luna Classic Shop validator with special shop rewards for delegators


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